What are a few of the advantages of an Auction?

An Auction…

  • Is the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to convert property into cash!
  • Establishes the date, time, and place when the property will sell!
  • Sells everything!
  • Eliminates expensive carrying costs!
  • Stimulates competitive bidding between motivated buyers!
  • Often achieves more than the anticipated selling price!
  • Eliminates time-consuming buyer/seller negotiations!
  • Focuses the spotlight on your property!
  • Brings many motivated buyers together at the same time and place!
  • Is an effective price setting mechanism that takes into account current market variables!
  • Eliminates the need to speculate as to the fair market value of each individual item!

What are a few of the disadvantages of an Estate Sale?
Pricing items at an estate sale is dependent upon a person being able to know exactly what each buyer is willing to pay for each item. No one can do that! (A pre-set selling price that is higher than a buyer is willing to pay will result in a "no sale" situation. A pre-set selling price that is lower than a person is willing to pay will result in selling an item for less than its fair market value.) Another disadvantage is that an estate sale relies upon buyers "coming and going" over an extended period of time. Because of this there is generally only one potential buyer at a time for any item that is to be sold. Buyers sense that they are in control, and they try to negotiate prices down. And, there is always the problem of getting rid of the things that don't sell after an estate sale.

Why do you conduct both Auctions and Estate Sales?
We offer a wide variety of services in order to meet our clients' unique needs and to accommodate their individual preferences. The Denver marketplace has traditionally used estate sales as the "only" method of selling estate property on-site. Several years ago Baker Auction and Estate Sale Services very successfully pioneered on-site auctions as a new way to sell estate property in Denver. Our success with auctions has demonstrated the many advantages of selling estate property at auction. Frankly, we are convinced that an auction will make more money for our client, therefore we usually recommend an auction as the best method of selling a client's property!

What kinds of things do you sell?
We have extensive experience selling antiques, collectibles, estate property, personal property, and "anything and everything else" that can be found in a private residence! Our experience ranges from jewelry to automobiles, antique furniture to modern furniture, books to musical instruments, household items to tools, and ceramics to glassware. And, we have sold just about everything from the $5500 painting… the $5100 Indian pot… $3100 carousel horse… $2650 lamp… the $1900 teddy bear… the $1900 china cabinet… the $1400 water pitcher… the $750 cigarette lighter… the $195 dresser… the $5 blanket… the $2 hammer… the $1 box of Tupperware, and... advertising items, art glass, boats, bronze statues, camping equipment, cars, clocks, coins, collectibles, depression glass, dolls, electronic items, figurines, fine arts, firearms, furniture, historical documents, Hummels, jade, linens, marble statues, office equipment and supplies, perfume bottles, porcelain, quilts, recreational vehicles, Rookwood pottery, Roseville pottery, samplers, scrap gold, snuff bottles, soapstone, sporting goods, sterling silver flatware and serving pieces, toys, trucks, vintage clothing, vintage hats, vintage photographs, vintage purses, watches, and much more.

How do you establish a plan for the way you will conduct my sale?
We sit down with you and listen as you tell us what you want to accomplish. We carefully consider what you tell us, what you want to sell, and the market for your merchandise. We also study the physical arrangement of your home and property. Then we custom design a unique plan that will most effectively accomplish your goals.

Is it better to hold my sale "on-site" or at your Auction facility?
It is usually better to hold the sale "on-site" if the situation is appropriate. However, there are situations where it is better to conduct the sale at our auction facility. A few of the factors we consider when making a determination of where to hold a sale include: the wishes of the client, the amount of property to be sold, the types of items to be sold, availability of parking, covenants, the condition of the home, and the size and physical arrangement of the home.

Why do auctioneers talk so fast?
Auctioneers "talk fast" to generate excitement that will motivate potential buyers to pay top dollar for your property. Auctioneers also "talk fast" so they can sell a large number of items for the highest possible price as quickly and effectively as possible. But, our auctioneers are more than just fast talkers. They are highly trained professionals with expertise in the art of selling.

Do bidders ever have trouble understanding the auctioneer?
Our auctioneers are easy to understand. Even though they talk fast, most people have no trouble understanding them. Our auctioneers are also very good at "reading people" and they will vary their selling pace in order to accommodate individual bidders.

What are those words and phrases that auctioneers use?
The auctioneer's rapid-fire chant is merely a series of numbers connected by "filler words" that give the bidder time to think between bids. The auction chant is designed to be rhythmical and enjoyable, so that buyers enjoy "the sound that sells."

Why can't I just do my own sale?
A successful sale doesn't "just happen." It requires trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and hard working personnel who place attention and emphasis on every detail. We have seen what happens when an individual, friend, or family member conducts a sale themselves. Too often, the valuable items are sold at "give away prices" and the less valuable items are priced too high. This results in a home that is depleted of its valuable resources and left with the more common, everyday items that must be donated or given away. The result is far less money than we can earn for you! You never get a second chance to sell estate property. Make sure it is done right the first time.

My neighbor/ friend/ mailman wants to buy something. Can't I just sell it myself?
We have seen countless situations where people have sold items to neighbors, friends, and even the mailman for a fraction of their fair market value. Ask yourself if your relationship with the person is such that you want to give the item to them. If it is, then just give the item to them. Otherwise, do not sell anything yourself! An individual simply cannot know fair market values unless they are engaged in selling property on a daily basis!

What do I have to do to help?
You do not have to do anything other than tell us what you want to sell, and accept our check for final settlement. We do all the work and we handle all the details!

How do you organize and display items?
We organize and arrange items in the most attractive manner possible so that they will be appealing to potential buyers. Small valuable items are placed in locked display cases. Large valuable items are placed where they are easy to monitor and safeguard.

How do you advertise?
We develop a promotional campaign that is designed to attract the maximum number of qualified buyers to your sale. We advertise and market your property using:

  • our network of established buyers,
  • our mailing/telephone/FAX/e-mail lists,
  • our web page,
  • our listings on the National Auctioneers Association web page, the Colorado Auctioneers Association web-page, and the Auction Marketing Institute web page,
  • auction flyers distributed at auctions prior to yours,
  • advertisements in local newspapers,
  • neighborhood flyers, and
  • street signs.

What do you do about clean up after the sale?
We dispose of any ordinary household trash at no additional cost to you, provided that you maintain your trash service. If there is excessive trash, or if you have discontinued your trash service, we will dispose of it at an additional cost to you. We will not dispose of any chemicals, paints, or hazardous materials.

What do you do about sales taxes?
We collect sales taxes from each buyer. Then we pay state and local sales taxes on your behalf. We provide you with a statement verifying that these taxes have been paid. You do not have to complete any sales tax paperwork.

What do you do about bad checks?
We assume total responsibility for any bad checks. We pay you the total receipts of the sale (minus sales taxes and our commission) regardless of any bad checks.

What does your commission include?
When you hire us to conduct your Auction or Estate Sale you are getting... our experience and expertise, our ability to attract buyers, our ability to sell your property for top dollar, our ability to solve problems for you, the time certain sale of your property, all necessary supplies and equipment, trained personnel, advertising, removal of ordinary household trash, and freedom from the concerns of receiving bad checks. We apply our management experience, business experience, product knowledge, people skills, and knowledge of the market to conduct a successful Auction or Estate Sale for you.

How do I know you are honest?
We have established an outstanding reputation for uncompromising honesty, integrity, professionalism, and service. We would be happy to provide you with a list of references.

Do you have a separate antique business?
We do not have a separate antique business. We believe that it is unethical and a conflict of interest for an Auctioneer or an Estate Sale business to buy a client's property at an Auction or Estate Sale they conduct and later re-sell it as inventory in a separate business.

Why should I sell my things?
Selling items you no longer need is a wise financial decision! Selling unused items allows you to invest the money, or use the money for other purposes. It can also make more room in your home, give your home a new look, and reduce upkeep, maintenance, or insurance expenses.

What if I only have a few things I want to sell?
We accept good items on consignment to include in Auctions at our Auction Facility.

What do you do with the things that do not sell?
When we conduct an Auction, everything of any value will sell. When we conduct an Estate Sale, we hold a public Auction at the end of the Estate Sale to sell any remaining items to the highest bidder. We believe that it is a conflict of interest for an Auctioneer or an Estate Sale business to sell leftover property directly to a liquidator or a dealer after an Estate Sale.

May I attend the sale?
We are very comfortable having you attend the sale. However, many people find it emotionally difficult and choose to do something else.

Is this a good time to sell my things?
There is no better time to sell than now! People have more disposable income than ever before. And, today's population demographics create more buyers for the limited supply of quality antiques, collectibles, and personal property.

How do I decide what to sell?
Look around your home and identify the things you don't use or need anymore. Don't forget to look in drawers, in your jewelry box, in the china cabinet, in the attic, and in your safe deposit box. After you have collected these items, leave them alone and try not to think about them for several days. Then look the items over once again and divide them into three different categories - things you definitely want to sell, things you definitely want to keep, and things that you're not sure about. Then give us a call.

What should I throw away and what should I keep?
Do not throw anything away until you have talked with us. The old saying that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is very true. Practically everything has some value, and we can find a buyer for almost anything. (We recently had a client who was going to throw away what he called "a box of ugly old pottery." We saved the pottery from the trashcan, and netted over $500.00 back to our client!)

How can I find out what my things are worth?
We can conduct a certified appraisal to give you our opinion of the value of your property. But, the only way to find out exactly what an item is worth is to advertise it well, and place it for sale in a competitive public arena that is attended by a number of potential buyers who would like to own the item, and who have the money to buy the item. That is precisely what an auction does, and that is the reason why an auction is the best way to determine the fair market value of an item.

Can you sell my property for its appraised value?
That depends entirely upon what kind of an appraisal was conducted, when the appraisal was conducted, and who conducted the appraisal!

Someone told me that my ______ is worth $______ ! Or, I saw an item like mine on a T.V. show and they said that it was worth $______ !
Some people may tell you what they think you want to hear - especially if they do not have to be accountable! Remember - there is a big difference between a verbal opinion of value and an offer to buy.

Someone told me that my sterling silver, cut glass, and china aren't as valuable as they once were. Is this true?
Generally speaking, sterling silver, cut glass, and formal china are not as valuable as they once were. The reason for this is quite simple - many people do not have time for formal entertaining, many homes do not have formal dining rooms, and many people prefer a simpler lifestyle. Nevertheless, we do have a solid market for these items and we can sell them if the client is realistic about their fair market value.

Do you pay people for referring business to you?
We do not pay referral fees! We want people to refer us based solely upon the quality of work we do, not based upon a possible financial gain. We appreciate referrals from people who are aware of the quality of work we do and our strict adherence to professional standards and codes of ethics. Our commitment to every person who refers business to us is that we will do a quality job that will make them proud that they recommended us. We believe that there is no better way to demonstrate our appreciation for referrals!

Will you meet with my lawyer, accountant, and/ or family members and me?
We would be pleased to meet with you and any of your key decision-makers. Our first meeting is on a "no cost/no obligation" basis. If you contract with us for the sale of your property, additional meetings related to the sale of your property are also on a "no cost" basis. If you do not contract with us for the sale of your property, additional consultations can be scheduled on a fee basis.

Are you members of national, state, and local business and professional organizations?

Yes, we are active members of:
  • National Auctioneers Association
  • Colorado Auctioneers Association
  • Auction Marketing Institute
  • Denver Better Business Bureau

How does someone get to know so much about the auction and estate sale business?
We have extensive experience selling antiques, collectibles, estate property, and personal property using both the auction and estate sale methods. But, we aren't willing to just sit back and rest on our experience! We are active members in many national, state, and local business and professional organizations. We attend seminars, training classes, conventions, and professional certification programs to enhance our professional skills and expertise in the areas of property valuation, appraisals, law, finance, accounting, communication, and marketing. All of these activities improve the quality of services we are able to provide our clients. Even though we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience, we are the first to admit that no one can know everything about a field as extensive as antiques, collectibles, estate property, and personal property. Therefore, we have established a network of experts, specialists and collectors who are available to assist us in any unique area where we may need assistance.

Why should I hire you?

  • We are uniquely qualified to help solve your problems and accomplish your goals… professionally, honestly, promptly, smoothly, and successfully.
  • We have extensive experience selling antiques, collectibles, estate property, and personal property using both the Auction and the Estate Sale methods.
  • We have an outstanding reputation for uncompromising honesty, integrity, professionalism and service.
  • We offer a wide variety of services that we tailor to meet the unique needs of each individual client.
  • We place attention and emphasis on every detail.
  • We provide all personnel and equipment necessary to conduct your sale.
  • We organize, clean, make minor repairs, display, promote, advertise, manage, and conduct your sale in order to obtain top dollar for you.
  • Our dedication, commitment, established contacts with proven buyers, and the knowledge and expertise we have gained from conducting more than 800 Auctions and Estate Sales and hundreds of Appraisals assure quality results for you.

When do you pay me?
We mail you a complete sale summary and check no later than 14 to 28 days after the sale.

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