BAESS History

Baker Auction and Estate Sale Services (B.A.E.S.S., INC.) is a "first generation", full-time, full-service Auction and Estate Sale business that is committed to providing outstanding professional services for individuals and providers of human care services.

We conducted our first Estate Sale in Denver in 1990. We knew then that we were entering an arena that was dominated by established businesses that had been in operation for many years. We understood then (and we'll never forget) that we have to be better than our competition to survive.

We have done a great deal more than just survive! We have prospered in an environment that was previously dominated by other Auction and Estate Sale businesses. And, we have expanded our services so that we can meet every need related to the sale of estate property and the needs of individuals in life transition situations.

We attribute our success and growth to the "core values" upon which we have built our business. We will never compromise our commitment to honesty, integrity, professionalism, and service. Baker Auction and Estate Sale Services has a reputation for: working harder, doing the best possible job for each client, meeting the unique needs of each client, providing superior services for each client, exceeding the expectations of each client, and providing services that other business are not able or willing to provide.

Every business has a reputation that is earned over a period of time. We are extremely proud of our reputation! And we are proud to be recognized by our clients and customers as ... THE BEST IN DENVER!

Our Business Has Developed and Grown Over Many Years

BAESS history

We began working with and helping James' parents in their Museum at Inspiration Point, near Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1970. We bought antiques and collectibles for their museum and we worked at their museum during summer vacations from our teaching jobs.

In 1983, we started an antique business specializing in the sale of gold and silver estate jewelry, contemporary jewelry, and a full line of antiques and collectibles. We bought and sold a wide variety of antiques and collectibles all over the central United States.

We conducted our first Estate Sale in Denver in 1990. Between 1990 and 1994 we conducted a number of Estate Sales for family and friends who requested our assistance. During this period of time, we began to actively think about forming a full-time Auction and Estate Sale business. We studied and analyzed the things we liked and the things we did not like that other Auction or Estate Sale businesses were doing, and we began developing written plans for what was to eventually become Baker Auction and Estate Sale Services.

James attended Auction school in 1994 so that he could coordinate the Auction of his parent's museum. Later that year, we supervised the auctioning of over 100,000 antiques, collectibles and historical artifacts from his parent's Museum at Inspiration Point. (It was because of this personal experience of selling a family member's property that we came to know and understand the many varied emotions our clients often experience as they deal with the process of selling their property.)

In June, 1994 we "hung up the shingle" and began advertising our services as a full-time Auction and Estate Sale business.

We have conducted over 1,000 Auctions and Estate Sales in the Denver metropolitan area since our first Estate Sale in 1990.

From the very beginning we have focused our attention on treating people right, being honest, and working hard.

We are very proud of the business we have built and the outstanding reputation we have developed.

Our Business Philosophy

"Our primary goal is to provide outstanding professional service to the client who has hired us."

  • We are committed to demonstrating great respect for our clients and our client’s property.
  • We are committed to providing a wide variety of services to best meet the unique needs of each client.
  • We are committed to developing and maintaining long term business relationships with our clients and our customers.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with quality service and honest representation.
  • We are committed to hiring and fairly compensating personnel who assist us in achieving our business philosophy and goals.
  • We value personnel who demonstrate dedication to our business philosophy and goals, dedication to the client, teamwork, productivity, creativity, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and service to the customer.
  • We are proud of the manner in which we operate our business.
  • We are committed to the long-term growth of our business. We will not allow the opportunity for short-term growth or profit to compromise our business philosophy and goals.
  • We know that focusing on our business philosophy and goals will result in our continued growth.


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