How Auctions Work

You've never been to an Auction before?

You're concerned that you won't understand what's going on?

The word AUCTION comes from the Latin word "auctio" which means, "to gradually increase." That is exactly what an Auction is - a gradual increase in the asking price of an item.

The Auctioneer conducts the Auction by using an Auction Chant. The Auction Chant is simply a conversation between the Bidder and the Auctioneer where the Auctioneer does all the talking.

Auctions are FUN!

The Auctioneer will tell the audience which item is up for sale and will suggest an opening bid. If a bidder wants to open the bidding he/she can accept the opening bid that is asked by the Auctioneer, or a bidder can offer a lower opening bid. At that point the Auctioneer will begin the Auction Chant and will ask other bidders for a higher bid. The Auctioneer will continue the Auction Chant (always stating the amount of money that has already been bid and asking for the next higher bid) until the highest bid has been offered. At that point, the Auctioneer will award the item to the highest bidder, and will move on to the next item.

The Auctioneer's Chant will sound something like this. "I'm bid 25 dollars. Would you give me 30?" Oftentimes, the Auctioneer will use "filler words" while waiting for a bidder to respond. The purpose of the filler words is to avoid silence – which is boring at an Auction. With filler words, the above Auction Chant would sound something like this. "I'm bid 25 dollars. Would you give me 30? Would you give me 30 now, would you give me 30 now, would you be a 30 dollar bidder?

The Bidder can indicate his/her acceptance of the Auctioneer's request for a bid by raising his/her hand or by nodding. Don't be afraid that an Auctioneer will take a bid from you if you scratch your nose or wave at a friend. That just doesn't happen at a professionally conducted Auction! An experienced Auctioneer can very easily tell the difference between a bid and a scratch of the nose or a wave to a friend.

Some people are afraid that they might not understand the Auctioneer or that the Auctioneer will talk too fast. Our Auctioneers do talk fast. They sell an average of 100 items an hour. BUT, you never have to worry about not understanding what the Auctioneer is saying at one of our Auctions. Our Auctioneers have been carefully trained to speak fast/sell fast. But, they have also been trained to speak clearly so that our customers can easily understand them. Our Auctioneers are also very good at maintaining visual contact with bidders, and watching for any confusion or lack of understanding on the bidder's part. And, if you are not sure, you can always ask the Auctioneer how much has been bid and whether or not you are the highest bidder.

"New Bidders" often tell us that they wish they had attended one of our Auctions much sooner. They tell us that our Auctions are fun! And, they tell us that they had no trouble understanding our Auctioneers.

Attend an Auction at Baker Auction And Estate Sale Services.

We guarantee that you'll have a good time!

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